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Curriculum Vitae – Professional Profile of Geronimo Matias


  • Software Design and Development
  • e-commerce expertise for medium and large-scale enterprises
  • Technical SEO
  • Third-party integration
  • Web server administration
  • Mobile web development
  • Automated test management
  • Release, service and support management


  • Java – Servlet, JSP, JAXB, Android
  • Struts 2, Tiles 2, ATG
  • Markup – HTML (XHTML and HTML 5), CSS3
  • Javascript – Ajax, JQuery
  • Scripting – Bash, Korn, Ruby, PL/SQL
  • Databases – Oracle, MySQL, PostreSQL
  • Web servers – Apache, Nginx
  • Application servers – Tomcat, ATG Dynamo
  • Tools – Hibernate, Maven, Liquibase, SVN, Eclipse, Clearcase
  • Testing – JUnit4, TestNG, Mockito
  • Online services – Google(Ads, Analytics,Plus, etc..), Facebook
  • Enterprise OS – Windows, Linux, Unix, DOS, Citrix, VMWare
  • Working knowledge – Computer networking, OS Administration, Security
  • Project methodology – CMMi Global Standards, SUMMIT


  • Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 1.4)
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD 1.4)
  • Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD 1.3)
  • Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect

Employment History

Deutsche Börse (Czech Republic)
Date: August 2011 – now
Geronimo joined Deutsche Börse to expose himself to a different realm of IT – the financial industry.

mgm technology partners (Czech Republic)
Date: August 2007 – June 2011
Geronimo joined mgm technology partners last August 2007 as a Java developer. He is a front-end expert for a European consumer-based company. He does development, planning, release, service and support management. Among many things, he is also responsible for web server administration, SEO, and mobile web compatibility.

Hewlett-Packard (Philippines)
Date: April 2005 – August 2007
Geronimo joined HP April 2005 primarily for HP’s biggest consumer-based account in the Philippines. He initially started as a Java developer exposed to the project methodology of Global methods CMMI standards. After project completion, he worked on a portal-based application where he quickly moved into the roles of Lead, Service and Release manager. Before he left, he was brought into project and software architecture then project and bundle management.

Side Projects

Instead of renewing his photo storage, wiki, and blog accounts, Geronimo decided to build his customized site to fit his personal as well professional needs. It includes:

  • Maintenance of a Linux OS
  • Web and application administration
  • Domain and email management
  • Cache management for files and pages
  • SEO testing and optimization
  • Extension of its own wiki-syntax from MediaWiki
  • Web Analytics and reporting
  • File cloud synchronization and management

This is the first English driving test simulator of Czech Republic. Since all online tests are in Czech, Geronimo decided to provide a free service for drivers and to-be drivers alike.

dd-wrt and tomato firmware

Running only on a router, Geronimo obsesses in installing applications on it. It rangers from:

  • Nginx application server
  • Transmission bit client
  • DNSMasq
  • NFS
  • Samba
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Firewall
  • Media streaming and transmission
  • Asterisk telephony system.

Work experiences

Project: e-commerce Site Migration Project

Roles: Front-end expert, Struts 2, Tiles 2, JSP developer, SEO consultant, Web administrator, Deployment manager, Duty manager
Background: Project to merge two existing sites into one preserving search engine page ranks, maintaining back-end services, migrating to a new look and feel.
Since June 2009

Project:Mobile Online shop for iPhone and iPad

Roles: Front-end expert, Struts 2, Tiles 2, JSP developer
Background: Project aimed to provide iPhone and iPad browsers a different set of functionality with adjusted look and feel. The goal is to make the web application user-agent sensitive.
Since October 2009

Project: Hiphop and Skating Store Project

Roles: Front-end expert, Struts 2, Tiles 2, JSP developer, SEO Consultant
Background: Project aimed to provide a shopping site targeted to young people. It provides an extensive search to brands, sizes, etc.. based on Lucene. The site includes checkout that supports different payment types including credit card with 3-D Secure.
Since August 2008

Project: Online Supermarket Project

Roles: Front-end expert, Struts 2, Tiles 2, JSP developer, SEO Consultant
Background: Project to create an online shop for German consumers. It serves more than a thousand requests per second and handles hundreds and thousands of orders daily.
Since June 2008

Project: Collaboration Tool and Process Project

Roles: Java developer
Background: Project to provide companies a system to automate internal processes using GWT.
Since January 2007

Project: Chemicals Continuous Improvement Project

Roles: Bundle Manager, Software Architect for Java and ATG, Release Manager
Since September 2006

Project: Ship Center Auto-monitoring Project

Roles: HP Initiative Owner, HP Project Manager, Software Developer for Java for 2nd and 3rd level support, ATG Developer and Architect, Service Manager, Release Manager
Background: Project that establishes a framework to monitor portal services to maintain high availability.
Since February 2006

Project: Ship Center Europe and Asia Deployment Project

Roles: HP Initiative Owner, Software Developer for Java for 2nd and 3rd level support, ATG Developer, Architect, Project Manager for HP Manila, Release Manager, Service Manager
Since December 2005

Project: Chemicals Initiative Project

Roles: Software Developer for Java for 2nd and 3rd level support, ATG Developer, Service Manager
Since April 2005

Project: Cross Border Integration Tools – Phase Three

Roles: Software Developer for Java Technologies, SAP Web Component Layer Development for SAP Event Manager, Connectivity Row Manager, Configuration Management Auditor
Background: Project to track shipments all across the world.

Spoken Languages

  • English (fluent)
  • Filipino (native language)
  • Czech (very basic)

Person Particulars

  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Permanent Residence: Philippines
  • Current home base: Prague, Czech Republic



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